August 1, 2013

Keen for a Spring Clean

Cleaning has always been a weird fetish of mine, I love the feeling of a room, cupboard or wardrobe after it has been properly cleared and cleaned out. It is very refreshing. This year Isobel and I decided to get a jump start on the whole 'spring cleaning' idea, and earn some money along the way. We decided to clear out our closets, (and then recruited our parents and siblings to do the same) and sell all our old clothes to earn some much needed financial relief. In the end we had a massive haul of clothes, accessories and shoes to sell. Our local market that happens to support our kind of amateur stalls happened to be Camberwell Market, which has unfortunately long waiting times for stall availabilities. We happened to strike some luck when our friend was on the website and managed to book a stall for that weekend, instead of three months away! The day turned out to be a great success with a surprising amount of money made by the end, and a lot of our stock gone! Whatever was left over we donated to the Brotherhood of St. Lawrence, our local charity stall.
Selling clothes in an environment like this is a great opportunity, but not everyone is smart enough to seize it! We would highly recommend you giving it a go, if not only to make some money, but make some much needed space in your house/ wardrobe for more fabulous items. Or to clear it out... whichever floats your boat.
 If you are tempted by our great experience, read on for tips on how to make your stall a success at markets.

I spy DIY.... Ombre Hair

Recently I have been overcome with an obsession, my hair. And I do mean my own hair not hair in general. I don't know what happened, I used to be quite blase about the whole hair thing and didn't really give a rats ass about anything except how to achieve the perfect ponytail. But now, I have an obsession. And it's quite hard to maintain too. First I want to cut it all off, and as soon as I do that I want to grow it all back and have seriously long hair, and then once its long I'll want to chop it all off again. I bounce between hair dyes and lust after any colour that my hair isn't. I briefly considered a perm and then quickly dropped the idea.
The latest trend that has caught my eye is ombre. Obviously it has been around for ages now, and I have seen some really classy, beautiful styles, and some disastrous interpretations. I'm not shy of dying my hair but I didn't want to spend a lot of money at a salon for a little bit of dye, and at various times I have felt that I needed longer hair to be able to pull of the trend.

Style Lusts - Vanessa Hudgens

So back when I was a young girl, I developed one of my style obsessions. I had of course started to appreciate fashion from watching movies, for example, I will always lust after outfits in 'Our lips are sealed' for some reason. (Although maybe it was just me predicting the future fashion icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). But my first style crush? Enter Gabriella Montez, the loveable nerd of High School Musical. I know, embarrassing. But if Zac Efron wanted a piece of that, then I was going to be dressing like that. The style crush developed to the point of researching all of Vanessa Hudgens' outfits, and then trying to find similar items that I could afford, which was not much considering my measly weekly allowance.

Some of my favourite outfits from that era. *Shudders*

July 14, 2013

the other half

Hey Hey There! Lauren has already filled you in on most of the details, but couldn't talk about a VERY important factor, ME! So here I am.

YOOOOO. My name is Isobel and I am the other half of Say Yes To Bad Things. And yes Lauren I think it is too early to abbreviate.

July 4, 2013

the first half

well heeeeyyyyyyy there! congrats on stumbling across the coolest new blog in the blogisphere! well not yet, but here's hoping.

haaaiiiiiiiiii!! My name is Lauren, and I am exactly one half of say yes to bad things. or sytbt. is it too early to abbreviate? probably. i'll save it for a later date. up above is my face, proudly displaying a particular purchase I am very proud of, a palm print phone case from NY brand Milly.