August 1, 2013

I spy DIY.... Ombre Hair

Recently I have been overcome with an obsession, my hair. And I do mean my own hair not hair in general. I don't know what happened, I used to be quite blase about the whole hair thing and didn't really give a rats ass about anything except how to achieve the perfect ponytail. But now, I have an obsession. And it's quite hard to maintain too. First I want to cut it all off, and as soon as I do that I want to grow it all back and have seriously long hair, and then once its long I'll want to chop it all off again. I bounce between hair dyes and lust after any colour that my hair isn't. I briefly considered a perm and then quickly dropped the idea.
The latest trend that has caught my eye is ombre. Obviously it has been around for ages now, and I have seen some really classy, beautiful styles, and some disastrous interpretations. I'm not shy of dying my hair but I didn't want to spend a lot of money at a salon for a little bit of dye, and at various times I have felt that I needed longer hair to be able to pull of the trend.

However, after doing a bit of research I've come up with the theory that anyone can ombre their hair!!! I've noticed that the women with the best ombre's in my opinion, such as Bonnie Wright and Lauren Conrad, have only gone a few shades lighter than their natural colour. I think this looks the best as it not as much of a stark contrast, as was seen in the beginning of the trend with the bleach dip dye (eerrghh).

Anyway, to get to the point!!! Loreal have released a new hair dying product called Preference Wild Ombres, advertised as natural looking and easy to apply. It comes in three different colours to suit different base hair colours. So I will be giving this DIY a try in the near future, so look out for instructions, suggestions and a review coming soon!

Pictures sourced from Pinterest
Love Lauren.