July 4, 2013

the first half

well heeeeyyyyyyy there! congrats on stumbling across the coolest new blog in the blogisphere! well not yet, but here's hoping.

haaaiiiiiiiiii!! My name is Lauren, and I am exactly one half of say yes to bad things. or sytbt. is it too early to abbreviate? probably. i'll save it for a later date. up above is my face, proudly displaying a particular purchase I am very proud of, a palm print phone case from NY brand Milly.

(had to throw that in there because I seriously am in love with that case. I stroke it lovingly a bit everyday)

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is because I love to write. And in the recent years of my life I've felt very constrained in what I've been able to write, and so I thought I would do something about it. Write about something I love...........


I read about it, I make it, I buy it, I covet it. There is no limit to inspiration here and I am super excited to get started. My other half Isobel is sooo similar its ridiculous, but she'll tell you more about herself in another post.

Part of the reason we decided to embark on this venture together was yes, to share the pressure of regular updates and blog posts, but MAINLY because we can both offer very different perspectives, posts ideas and interpretations. Expect posts of people, places, styles, designers and trends that inspire us, DIY's, outfit ideas, trend knock offs, adored and coveted item posts, and many many more along the way.

What I will be contributing to this blog will be a variety of different things. Mainly how to's or my various explorations of DIY. Recently I have been doing a crazy amount of op-shopping or charity shopping, that I have been turning into wearable clothes I am quite proud of - which I am excited to share with you in the future! I will also be contributing my inspirations, or my attempts to create wearable and affordable alternatives to runway trends I adore. 
My personal style is so varied. I draw inspiration from a number of different trends, people and looks. Some days I'll feel like channeling preppy and casual Olivia Palermo, others I'll get grungy like Cara Delevigne, and others I'll feel the need to express my true hippy roots ala Nicole Richie. I could never get bored of experimenting.

What does it mean?????? 
The name is a twist on a saying Isobel and I saw graffitied on a wall, "say yes to good things". We twisted it around to suit us. Isobel loves to experiment with different unexpected clothes and trends, and I love to pick up horrible clothes from the op shop to fix up. Saying yes to the bad things we have found to be very rewarding, and we're keen to share it with everybody. 

Give us a go!!! We'll make it worth your while and we are super excited to start up this project! Interact with us and share your ideas and comments and soon we'll be swimming in a lovely pool of friendliness and happiness.