July 14, 2013

the other half

Hey Hey There! Lauren has already filled you in on most of the details, but couldn't talk about a VERY important factor, ME! So here I am.

YOOOOO. My name is Isobel and I am the other half of Say Yes To Bad Things. And yes Lauren I think it is too early to abbreviate.

Some of my reasons for wanting to contribute to this wonderful new blog is my... and I will quote the Bratz dolls here..."pashawn for fashawn". I am embarrassingly obsessed with all things fashion and clothes related, to the point where my mother was seriously concerned with my health from the lengthy periods of time on the computer online shopping. It always been a factor in my life that I have viewed with high importance. I love the way it can make you stop and think... sometimes for too long and at the detriment of my awaiting friends... about what pants to put with a top or dress with what shoes. It is not only a channel to express yourself, but it is... and for lack of a better word... fun. Both Lauren and I have matured along side the growing online world, so it was only natural that we wanted our "passion for fashion" to translate from our physical wardrobe to online sharing.

So why am I here... I love clothes so much that I often find myself with too many that no one ever sees, so i though who better to share them with that the online community. On Say Yes To Bad Things I will be posting my outfits and purchases and hopefully help anyone with purchase anxiety work out how to spend their money.

I can't wait to see where this adventure takes Lauren and I (heres hoping an apartment in France with a wardrobe to rival Carrie Bradshaw's). But for now I'm more than happy to settle with working with one of my best friends on a project that we will love I'm sure!

peace out x