August 1, 2013

Style Lusts - Vanessa Hudgens

So back when I was a young girl, I developed one of my style obsessions. I had of course started to appreciate fashion from watching movies, for example, I will always lust after outfits in 'Our lips are sealed' for some reason. (Although maybe it was just me predicting the future fashion icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). But my first style crush? Enter Gabriella Montez, the loveable nerd of High School Musical. I know, embarrassing. But if Zac Efron wanted a piece of that, then I was going to be dressing like that. The style crush developed to the point of researching all of Vanessa Hudgens' outfits, and then trying to find similar items that I could afford, which was not much considering my measly weekly allowance.

Some of my favourite outfits from that era. *Shudders*

After the wave of the HIgh School Musical trilogy/ franchise ebbed, so did my love for Vanessa, but yet I've kept tabs on her all these years later. She's had some hits and some misses, like that soccer mum haircut... VH what were you THINKING? But lately I've found myself again liking more and more of her style, this time with a more mature and sophisticated outlook I like to think.
Recent outfit loves have been most of her coachella (so much envy) outfits, and day to day wear. She takes an easy going approach to her style, with influences of bohemian and 90's punk, all of which inspire me as well. She's not afraid to experiment and I think she's grown a lot from her HSM days, as have I. Not to mention from her recent success at attracting man candy addition Austin Butler, I would say that we could all learn something from the stylish actress.

Pictures sourced from Pinterest and Google Images

What I would give for a night alone with that wardrobe......

Love Lauren