June 19, 2014

Back with a BANG

So as you may (or may not) have noted, I have not been posting this past couple of weeks. This is due to a number of reasons, finishing my Uni semester, assessments and hanging out with this cute little kitten:

But I promise that this little guy, (and his equally adorable sister puppy) will NOT distract me any longer! I've finally got more free time on my hands than I know what to do with, and I will put it to good use. Stay tuned for more posts to come!!

May 23, 2014

Travel Tips - combining jet-setting and trend-setting

Tips - as learnt from the celebrities - on how to step off the plane looking fresh to death.

May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wantday

Wednesday Wantday

As you might be able to tell from this weeks edit - I spent a lot of time on the Mango website.   It is so great for chic items to class up your wardrobe, from day to night and work to play.

May 20, 2014

strength, courage and perseverance

If you are lacking in courage or motivation today - please watch this speech.

As I understand it, America is clearly coming up to and celebrating graduations - a very different timelines from us here in Australia! As a result many commencement speeches are doing the rounds on Youtube, but none captured my attention such as this one. Parker Mantell speaks beautifully of disability and self motivation - and the courage to proceed despite odds you may face.

I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. In the past I have struggled with my own mental health, and so when I come across inspiring messages such as this, I store them away for a time when I'm not feeling so comfortable, healthy or calm. End of semester is coming up, and along with that exams, deadlines and stress. This speech puts in perspective that all this study is for a purpose and will amount to something. It's the little reminders like this that help keep me going.
The second reason is wanting to share it with you. Perhaps you need motivation, a reality check or a kind message to keep you going. I hope you get from this what you need, share it with friends, family.

It's a truly great speech that deserves a watch!

May 14, 2014

Wednesday Want-day

Wednesday Want-day

I always find out what trend I'm feeling after I post a Wednesday Wantday collection after I post it, and this week apparently its pastels! I think the eggshell blue I've become obsessed with lately is something you can wear in the summer as a light breezy option, and also in the winter to add some colour to your (well maybe just me) darker wardrobe.

I'm loving brogues at the moment and here are two fab options for you. The light pink is so cute and could work with a myriad of outfits and personally I think they would look great with a little dress. The espadrille flatform I think it so stylish - you could wear with pants, dresses, playsuit etc. Good for a beachy vibe or a casual wintery look.

The bathers are probably not very useful for anyone going into winter but I just really like them ok?!? All I have to do is find a pair of high waisted bikinis that suit me...

Anyway, enjoy the edit! What are you loving this week?

Wednesday Want-day - ASOS Special

Wednesday Want-day - ASOS Special

This week, if you're a student I'm sure you would have gotten the notification that you can receive 25% of your order with ASOS for the next 48 hours, and so in the spirit of sales I've decided to do a special addition collection of purely ASOS items - my version of the ASOS Daily Edit if you will.
This is definitely the chance for you to buy whatever you've stocked up in your saved items list!!
I've chosen a range of items, from floral floaty pieces for those going into summer and some more transeasonal pieces and everyday items.
As you know I'm constantly on the look out for bags and I think these two options are really cute. Reasonably sized, with interesting colours to add a pop to your outfit! The two I've chosen will suit classically dressed girls and alternatively dressed girls. The cat purse I've added in there is just so cute everyone should buy it.
The shoes I think are sooo trendy - getting a bit of a Jane Birken vibe from them. Definitely saw Miranda Kerr wearing something similar HERE. A twist on the relaxed and casual shoe.
The two piece and the jumpsuit in particular reminded me so much of the brand Reformation I couldn't add them in as well, an affordable version finally!!

Anyway hope you enjoyed the ASOS edit and stay tuned for business as usual in the next post! 

May 11, 2014

love post dedication - mother dearest

My mum is obsessed with herbal remedies. I'm not sure how it started, but I know that she holds herbal remedies responsible for many significant things in her life.

I remember as a child if I had a cold, or headache, it was different oils she would give me to smell or burn, rather than panadol or cold and flu tablets. That progressed to bark formula pills for period cramps, and flower oils if I was having a down day. Feeling sick? Let's pick out a herbal tea to make you feel better. Unexplained illness? Not to worry, mum has an oil for that!

She is an advocate of Chinese medicine, and claims it was the only thing that worked when she decided she wanted another child after me, and after years of trying little James came along, as promised by her Chinese doctor. And now she's approaching that stage in her life that every woman dreads, the Chinese herbs have made a reappearance!

You may think its a little strange - I know my friends certainly have doubts - that she has so much faith in herbs (read: hippie medicine) and what they can do for you, but its something I have grown up with. While I don't believe everything she tells me, call it gen y's persistent skepticism, I can't deny what her little concoctions have done for me in the past. And perhaps I might sometimes prefer the fast acting panadol to a slow release oil burner, but she has instilled in me practical and life lessons that I know will follow me through.

Her encouragement to listen to and learn from what my body is telling me has helped me recognise and fight back against demons I have battled with in the past, and her support through those times was unwavering. Without this I am sure that I could have struggled for years, not knowing or understanding what was happening. The strength she has displayed throughout my life despite challenges showed me how it is possible to accept, move on and keep going.

And as I sit here now, with my freshly brewed peppermint tea (thanks mum!) reflecting on our relationship, I know it was definitely her strange herbal remedies that got us through. I was a brat in high school, frustrated and moody, refusing to listen to her. At certain times though she would offer little 'pick-me-ups' -  tea, the latest oil blend to drop under your tongue to make you happy...etc. When she did this, I knew it was her way of gently reminding me she loved me, and when I accepted these gifts she knew I was reluctantly telling her I did too - and I was sorry I was being a teenage cliche.

Later this year I will be embarking on a journey that will mean lots of things, one of them being the longest period of time I'll spend away from my mum. So on this of all mother's days, I want her to know she is the strongest, most caring and most important woman in my life - and I love her to pieces.

Let's drink (herbal tea) to each others health!

Happy Mother's Day

May 7, 2014

Wednesday Want-Day

Wednesday Want-Day

This week I'm looking at more pieces that can be layered and warming, partly due to the shocking weather here at the moment. Almost everyday we've had bouts of rain at least 4 times a day, and dressing for extremes has become necessary.
This week I was trying on glasses in a store and I fell in love... to the point of wishing I had a need for them so I could buy them properly. For all you glasses wearing girls out there.. take advantage of the styles on offer. Find something to suit your face shape because in my opinion it can elevate your whole look! Do some research, you'll thank me but your bank account won't!
I've also really been into accessories lately - very unusual for me. I tend to stick to my limited stock pile but recently I've been branching out. I'm on the hunt for a cute bucket bag - but I've yet to come across a really nice one in person for a reasonable price. Clutches are another new love of mine - due to some recent DIY I'm feeling very inspired. I'm also searching for a hat - this years trend alternative to the beanie! I'm loving the trend but have yet to come across something that's right for me.

What trends are you loving this year?