March 27, 2014

can we talk about something a little uncomfortable??

Joan Rivers. Feel the tension yet?

Unfortunately for the world, Ms Rivers has run her mouth uninvited once again. If you don't know what I'm talking about you should probably catch up.

Poor Lena Dunham. I can't believe the criticisms she has been battling with these past few months. Not to say she isn't a supremely gorgeous and strong woman who rises like a queen above it all, but I have been appalled at the constant criticisms hurled at her.
Joan Rivers aside, who is an unfortunate presence in the media industry and who makes a living badmouthing and criticising anyone who happens to get their picture taken, some of the public's/ Hollywood's reactions to Lena has been really sad.
She is a great example of your average (yet extremely talented) woman, achieving success and growing in her career and people are getting caught up in her weight and whether or not she deserves the cover of Vogue. An example of how fickle society really is.

I for one celebrate Lena's success and am also an avid watcher of Girls, her dark, slightly twisted and modern version of Sex and the City. I can only hope that she and others like her (I'm looking at you Mindy Kaling!) are paving the way for other talented, down to earth and unconventional (by Hollywood's standards) hopefuls looking to break into the industry.

End rant.