March 31, 2014

you gotta, you gotta, you gotta watch workaholics

but seriously, you do. 

Featuring your favourite creeper from Pitch Perfect, Adam Devine, your favourite doctor from The Mindy Project, Anders Holm, and the guy who best rocks a fur, Blake Anderson. 

Why should you watch you ask?

Well maybe you've had a tough day and you need a laugh. Maybe you've got a hugely important assignment due tomorrow and well, frankly you want to put it off a little longer. Or maybe, all your other favourite shows are on BREAK AND GODDAMMIT YOU NEED TO WATCH SOMETHING, STAT.
It's gross, its hilarious, its so unbelievable that it makes you scared you can relate to the characters sometimes. These guys are so slack it almost scares you right back to doing exactly what you're procrastinating. So in a sense, you would be doing yourself a favour. 

It is just about the funniest show at the moment, and there are three whole seasons for you to catch up on! What the EFF are you waiting for?!