April 4, 2014

Beauty Review - Benefit Beauty Bar

So I finally addressed the mess above my eyes....

So I have been meaning to try this place out for a long time now, and I finaaallllyy got around to it. My local Benefit Brow Bar is at Myer Melbourne, and it looks just as cute as the picture above. The price was $29 (aud) for a brow wax or $33 for tweezing, with options available for tinting as well. I'm actually a complete novice at getting my brows done professionally so I'm not sure how these prices stack up against other places, but I was happy to spend this money for great service I received. 

At first the girl asked me what in particular I wanted to fix about my eyebrows and I just sort of looked at her blankly. But after studying them for a while she told me exactly how she was going to reshape them and 'change my look'. I was excited. I opted for the waxing even though I have not had wonderful experiences with wax in the past. (Once I tried to DIY at home and got too scared to pull the strip off myself so I ended up peeling it off which then left a massive patch of dry wax on my leg that wouldn't come off for weeks)

Although it hurt a little, I think was efficient and definitely took less time than plucking would of. In terms of hair removal I believe faster is better, always. My skin unfortunately went very red (its as sensitive as a hormonal teenager) but she kindly offered to cover it up with foundation so I wouldn't look like a total nutter in public. I loved the shape she gave me, and she even filled them in with some benefit products, so that they look suuupperr professional and powerful (yes, that's right). 
excuse the dicky cross-eyed look. not sure what happened there....

Overall, massive thumbs up from me, and they can definitely expect a return visit from me.