April 11, 2014

Beauty Review - Mecca Cosmetica

and in that moment I thought, TREAT YO SELF!

So my friend loves to throw very extravagant birthday parties (bless her soul) and part of her latest plan was to get us all into extremely formal attire and have a lunch. And since I had already bought a dress to wear, I figured I was allowed to splash out and get my makeup done professionally, right?

Right. So I took myself to Mecca Cosmetica for a little treat. The girl assigned to me was super cool, and had gorgeous makeup on herself so I felt very safe in her hands. I asked for a Victoria's Secret-esque look because I felt it was very pretty but not too intense at the same time, especially for a day look. I really loved what I ended up with, very different to what I would usually do myself, so it felt worth it. At Mecca, the cost is $90 redeemable, which means you have to spend $90 on products afterwards. It's super handy, especially if you love a product they have used on you because you can buy it straight away and you know it looks fab! Otherwise if you have a particular product you want to pick up, why not get your makeup done as well and feel extra special to spend money!!!

The items I picked up with my redeemable funds were a Stilla foundation and a Nars illuminator which I can't wait to use! Thanks Mecca!