April 1, 2014

the comeback, tongue that's sharp like a thumbtack

She's baaaaaackkk.

Why do I feel like Naomi Campbell is only now making a comeback? She's quite obviously been around for years, popping in and out of editorials, gossip headlines, Tyra Bank's head....

But perhaps its the creation of her new 'search for the best new thing' model competition show that she is making the rounds once again. Her show, The Face, has only just made it onto Australian screens, with fellow modelling juggernauts Cheyenne Tozzi and Nicole Trunfio, who I had previously never heard of but maybe that's just me. While I am a complete sucker for model/fashion reality competition shows, it is definitely Naomi Campbell's antics bringing me back for more. It's equal parts entertaining and sickening to watch.

If you ever need a perfect display of bitchy behaviour, all you have to do is sit down and watch an episode of this show. Exclusion? Check. Cold shouldering? Check. Frustration to the point of screaming matches and wild hand gestures? Check, check, check.

She does in fact have her endearing moments, and its easy to see how she can make a press team wait 5 hours for her and then charm them the instant she walks into the room. She also does seem to genuinely care for the girls to succeed, although she does like to remind them who is boss almost every five minutes. Credit to the girls for not shitting themselves every time she walks into the room.

I for one am enjoying Naomi back in the spotlight, if only to fill the void between America's Next Top Model seasons....