April 10, 2014

Wednesday Wantday

Wednesday Wantday

This week you can probably tell what is going on weather wise in Melbourne. It. Is. COLD.

Cue the Game of Thrones fans collectively muttering 'Winter is Coming.' And yes indeed it is, with a vengeance. As I am writing this it is raining, and I don't think it has stopped raining once in the last 36 hours. The creek near my house has nearly flooded.
I've recently fallen in love with heeled boots. Always in fashion, I don't think you can go wrong investing in a pair, particularly if you stick to quality materials and colours. I've had one particular pair of heeled boots from Zara for nearly six years now, and I love them just as much now as I did when I bought them. The two examples above would be great with some cropped jeans or pants.
As seen on the faaaabulous blog of The Man Repeller Leanne styled this trench in THREE SEPARATE WAYS and I just think this is the most versatile trench I've ever come across. Great for the rain too, and to tide you over while you save up for that special Burberry coat purchase like myself ;). The sleeveless blazer is currently in fashion as well and while not the warmest of options for winter, I think it's a good item for layering and experimenting with otherwise pretty drab winter styles.
As you may or may not know I am in the market for a new wallet, because although I've also had my wallet for near six years now I am decidedly not in love with it like I am my Zara boots. It is literally falling to pieces and becoming a bit of a disaster. Unfortunately this website does not ship to Aus, so I'm still on the hunt.

Do you have any favourite winter styles?? (Or more importantly, PLEASE RECOMMEND SOMEWHERE I CAN BUY A FASHIONABLE WALLET... IM GETTING DESPERATE)

Also, excuse the lateness on this post. I completely messed up my days of the week.