May 8, 2014

Canon - Shine A Light

Shining some light on the matter

Recently I came across this competition that Canon Australia are running. It's called Shine a Light, and it asks users to upload photos they have taken of what inspires them.

"These days, we’re taking more photos than ever. But between all the selfies, lunch snaps, and blurred party photos, it’s also never been harder for an image to really connect with people. Canon Shine is a competition that’s giving Australians the opportunity to change that. This is your chance to capture a powerful image that makes people think, or feel, or see things differently.
So find something that inspires you, or ignites your passion. In return, we could shine a light on your story – and bring your work to the eyes of people all over Australia."
I think it's a great idea, and looking around at the entries has been wonderful, to look at what others have taken for inspiration,  all so different and varied. 
I myself uploaded two photos both of different parts of Melbourne. The skyline never fails to impress and amaze me, and I couldn't ever hope to properly capture what my eyes see. I would love it if you could head over and take a look...and vote for me. 

Have a look around and, go on, upload one yourself! What inspires you?