May 20, 2014

strength, courage and perseverance

If you are lacking in courage or motivation today - please watch this speech.

As I understand it, America is clearly coming up to and celebrating graduations - a very different timelines from us here in Australia! As a result many commencement speeches are doing the rounds on Youtube, but none captured my attention such as this one. Parker Mantell speaks beautifully of disability and self motivation - and the courage to proceed despite odds you may face.

I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons. In the past I have struggled with my own mental health, and so when I come across inspiring messages such as this, I store them away for a time when I'm not feeling so comfortable, healthy or calm. End of semester is coming up, and along with that exams, deadlines and stress. This speech puts in perspective that all this study is for a purpose and will amount to something. It's the little reminders like this that help keep me going.
The second reason is wanting to share it with you. Perhaps you need motivation, a reality check or a kind message to keep you going. I hope you get from this what you need, share it with friends, family.

It's a truly great speech that deserves a watch!