May 5, 2014

Topshop X Kate Moss

Return of the Queen?

So as we are all aware, Kate Moss has released another collection for Topshop almost four years after her last. The launch has been highly publicised, and an army of Brit stars turned out to party in style with Topshop. Did anyone else get as excited as me when they saw the below photo? Talk about star power....

In Australia, the Topshops around the country had a quieter launch, to show off the designs and round up excitement. A few of my friends and I made the trek out on a cold and rainy night to have a little sneak peak, with the promise of music, drinks and canap├ęs. When we got there however, it was much quieter than expected... and with a limited range of designs on show. What I wanted to see, the amazing fringed dress that HRH Naomi wears above was not on display much to my disappointment. The very cute playsuit Cara wears was there however, and it is even cuter in person. The entire back is also sheer which looks so sexy, and a twist on the 'backless' trend. 
Although the store was extremely quiet, I was not going to argue with free food and drinks (champagne!!) and they had even hired the girls from Trophy Wife Nail Art to beautify the customers nails. 

I was in love with my little pineapple design. 
Overall after viewing the collection I was halfway in love with it. I get that not everything from a collection can be an absolute winner, but some of the designs (and prices!!) were a bit of a turn off. Below are some of my favourite looks from the collection.

What do you think of the collection? Absolute winner? Or over hyped?