May 23, 2014

Travel Tips - combining jet-setting and trend-setting

Tips - as learnt from the celebrities - on how to step off the plane looking fresh to death.

So you've made it through the flight. Successfully battled crying babies, spilt drinks, questionable plane food and the poor selection on the in-flight entertainment system - but you have a desire to look reasonably presentable when you are navigating the streets of your exciting destination.

Here to help, are some general tips on dressing for the flight, so that the only effort you have to make is finding a taxi to get you to your hotel.

1. Sunglasses and Hats

Take a cue from Rosie's book and make sure you pack essentials - your favourite sunglasses and a hat. Both of theses items are transeasonal. Sunglasses will help when your stepping onto the sunny tarmac of Fiji, as well as hiding bloodshot and dehydrated eyes as you find your way through the airport. Those eyes can be very sensitive after a flight, so treat them well. The hat will also help shield your sensitive and dehydrated skin from those pesky rays, taking it in your carry on avoids you squashing it in your suitcase AND it can help cover up that crazy birds nest that tangled itself when you weren't looking. Seriously, how did that happen?! These two items are not only helpful for when you get off the plane, but incredibly easy to work into your travel wardrobe.

2. Black Leggings and Cardigans

While we are on the subject of Rosie - lets learn a bit more from the style mogul. As Rosie demonstrates - leggings are a god send. Not only are they slimming (in black), flexible and stretchy for comfort but they won't crush - even if you've managed to stay in the same position the whole flight. Top it off with a large cardigan, one that is comfortable and warm. The cardigan can serve to cover up any stains you may have collected through the flight, as well as keeping you warm in those eternally cold airports. A comfortable and stylish option.

3. Statement Jacket and Statement Flats

Alexa Chung as mastered airport cool so its obvious she is included in here. This particular outfit is uncomplicated in black and white, and looks so chic. I love that she looks comfortable and fashionable at the same time. To master this, take one of you statement blazers or jackets and wear it over a plain t shirt and pants/jeans/leggings. This saves room in your suitcase, is warming, and can turn a leggings and t-shirt plain outfit into something chic. Another note from Ms Chung is to wear some statement flats. Everyone has a pair - so whip out yours. Not only is it much harder to navigate turbulence when your feet are raised off the ground, but swollen feet is an unfortunate side effect of flying. What happens when you can fit your feet back into your heels? I'll never know because I always avoid it. Added bonus here is Alexa has chosen some lace ups - perfect for adjusting to newly expanded feet.

4. Loose Shirts and 'Do-Everything' Bags

Ok so this is my fourth example, and so far all examples have been models. What is it about modelling and travelling in style? I guess they've all picked up a few things over the years. Upon researching I found that this is one of Lily Aldridge's fail safe travelling outfits - and its obvious why. Not only does she look fashion forward and glamorous, but also extremely comfortable. Here's what we can learn. First, wearing a loose fitting shirt. This gives the upper body all the room it needs to do whatever it needs to up in the air, as well as giving a relaxed and laid-back vibe. Lightweight and loose - perfect for tropical climates - and easy to fit under coats for colder climates. Secondly, Lily's statement tote bag. This seems like a perfect carry on option. Big enough to contain all the essentials, laptop, electronics, travel wallets, toiletries etc. as well as being stylish. Later on, remove the travel documents and equipment and BAM - its your handbag for the day. Thanks Lily.

5. Maxi Skirts

Here we have Rihanna looking casual and cool at the airport. As previously noted, she is wearing (lace up) flats - that blend perfectly with her outfit as well as usable for everyday travel. No Ugg Boots here! What I think is smart about this outfit is the maxi skirt. It looks good, totally works with the outfit, and I'm sure the comfort she would be experiencing would be satisfying. Again, a maxi skirt can be worked into a travel wardrobe, perhaps unlike tracksuits or pyjamas for example. It is probably pants you would gravitate towards when planning a flying outfit, but consider the maxi skirt next time. 

6. Shift Dresses

And finally, here is one tailored particularly for those who are going to be landing in tropical climates. We see here Olivia Palermo is wearing the flying essentials, statement flats, 'do-everything' tote bag and sunglasses, but this time she has incorporated a printed shift dress. Ms Palermo is the queen of prints, and she has done this outfit particularly well. Not only is a shift dress roomy and comfortable, but the stiffer structure means less flashing when wearing it out and about - think about the wind on those tropical islands. The dress is perfect for a beach or city, travelling or exploring. If you're boarding in a colder climate think about throwing on a cardigan over the top as above, and even some leggings under neath - both of which are small and compact and can be easily stowed in your tote bag when disembarking. 

So those are my tips to follow when considering a travelling outfit - what's your go to travel ensemble?