May 21, 2014

Wednesday Wantday

Wednesday Wantday

As you might be able to tell from this weeks edit - I spent a lot of time on the Mango website.   It is so great for chic items to class up your wardrobe, from day to night and work to play.

I'm currently on a bit of a bag hunt, I've mentioned previously  that I am particularly interested in bucket bags - but I wouldn't mind a casual 'do-everything' tote such as the blue above. Mango have some fabulous colour options available, I would highly recommend checking them out if you're as into bags as I am.

Another recent lust of mine are brogues and loafers. It took me a veeerrryyy long time to come around, but with this past week being Cannes Film Festival - and seeing all the fashionable airport outfits every celeb seems to have put together, the loafer love became real. It just looks so classy and comfortable, and I want in! I'll be travelling a bit later this year and I'm going to make an effort to look somewhat presentable - as opposed to my usual bewildered/scruffy/moody self. I'll be posting about airport outfits later this week so keep an eye out!

What are your thoughts on loafers/brogues/bucket bags? Any standouts from the Cannes Festival for you?