Me, Myself and I

Lauren here! I am the author of say yes to bad things, my little baby! As you've probably seen from looking around, this blog is a collection of various things that come into my head and vomited onto this site. Have a look around and contribute your own ideas or inspirations and I'll be sure to have a look!


well heeeeyyyyyyy there! congrats on stumbling across the coolest new blog in the blogisphere! well not yet, but here's hoping.

haaaiiiiiiiiii!! My name is Lauren, and I am exactly one WHOLE of say yes to bad things. or sytbt. is it too early to abbreviate? probably. i'll save it for a later date. up above is my face, proudly displaying a particular purchase I am very proud of, a palm print phone case from NY brand Milly.

(had to throw that in there because I seriously am in love with that case. I stroke it lovingly a bit everyday)

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is because I love to write. And in the recent years of my life I've felt very constrained in what I've been able to write, and so I thought I would do something about it. Write about something I love.

What I will be contributing to this blog will be a variety of different things. So varied and different in fact that I couldn't possibly tell you what it'll be. Just a little surprise package in the form of a blog post.  
My personal style is so varied. I draw inspiration from a number of different trends, people and looks. Some days I'll feel like channeling preppy and casual Olivia Palermo, others I'll get grungy like Cara Delevigne, and others I'll feel the need to express my true hippy roots ala Nicole Richie. I could never get bored of experimenting.

What does it mean?????? 
The name is a twist on a saying my friend Isobel and I saw graffitied on a wall, "say yes to good things". We twisted it around to suit us. I'm the worst influence you'll ever come across but only in encouraging you to indulge in yourself and your secret pleasures. You want to buy that sugary drink with extra cream, chocolate flakes and a wedge of cheesecake sitting on top? Go. For. It. You really need those new Topshop heels? Yes. Yes you do. You only just got paid but you've already planned how to blow the whole pay check on clothes? Go for it babes. (Make sure you still have money left over to pay your phone bill, or you'll seriously regret it, like me.) 

Give me a go!!! I'll make it worth your while (oo-er) and I am super excited to start up this project! Interact with me and share your ideas and comments and soon we'll be swimming in a lovely pool of friendliness and happiness.